Beberapa unit Elite Indonesia telah menyusup ke Malaysia

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Sarawak, 06/04/2009,

Some source of Indonesian army says that some of Indonesian elite units already infiltrate through the malaysian border on east borneo. He says the forces is combine of several elites of their corps, including Kopassus group-2, Yon Raiders kodam Wirabuana and Tontaipur from 13th Infantry Brigades.

He says the troops also moves in small units. Their mission is to do surveillance and reconnaissance missions behind enemy lines and destroy enemy’s strategic installations. Each personnel has the abilities to conduct operations on land, sea, and in the air. He also says The Forces will not act until there are negative reaction of Malaysian navy in Ambalat.

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Begitu kapal malaysia melakukan hal2 yg mengancam, unit2 elite yg sudah ada di wilayah malaysia langsung bergerak..

malingsial..HERE WE COME..!!!!!!!




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